Adventure: A Fear of Many

Adventure, what a funny word. It can mean so many things. But, the one thing it does to everyone is it scares us. It scares us in an exhilarating, passionate way and it scares us in ways where it can paralyze and make us stop from going the extra mile or even facing a fear. Adventure is meant to bring new and exciting things to the table. It provides us with new stories to tell our friends and a way to escape from the realities that await us at home. Some people thrive from adventures and some shy away and play it safe.

If you are one of the people that tend to play it safe and fear adventure then listen here. I know what it is like to play it safe, stay in my “bubble”. I also know how debilitating it can be to constantly live in fear, whether it be of adventure, a person, love, and life. We as people learn every day. Even if we don’t realize we did. Every moment spent breathing we learn. I am learning every day to allow myself to come away from my “bubble” and you can too! You start out simple and take your time. Go to that party you keep avoiding. Go on that date you want so bad but tell yourself it’s not worth it. Its okay to be scared, it’s okay to question yourself but allow yourself the chance to grow.

When we allow ourselves to experience life, that is when we are living. We don’t have to go big to experience the very best that life has to offer, but what I do promise is that when you do let go you’re going to take that deep breath in you’ve been holding so long and that exhale is going to be the beginning of quite an adventure!!

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