How Will You Live Your Life?

Life. It’s a crazy and exhilarating experience. I always refer to it as “The Game of Life”. Because if you think about it, in some fashion it is kind of like a game. You are continually trying to out-do someone else, whether it be for a promotion at work, friendships or even romantic relationships. We always feel like we’re in some sort of race with each other and time. Time is a tricky thing, because we never really know when our “time” is up, so we’re always trying to get to the next stages of our lives before it’s too late. 

We all struggle, whether it be with small things or big things. We all do our best to make our lives feel easier during those times of struggles. We try to give ourselves pep talks and take things one step at a time. But, doing that can sometimes keep us in our funks of negativity and stress. When things don’t automatically go our way in life, we respond with such darkness, anger and even hopelessness. Have you ever felt so stressed, you cry out of nowhere? Do you feel like no matter how far you’ve gotten, it isn’t far enough? It’s thoughts like those that prevent us from enjoying what is currently happening and can put us in such a dark phase from which we can’t quite get out. We’re always stressing over the future and what has to get done. In this sense, we’re not living at all. 

Life has so many factors in it. But we tend to limit ourselves to only what we think our lives should be. We have to stop living for materialistic reasons: money, fame and even other people who surround us. We have to start living for ourselves, and what I mean is, really live! My idea of living isn’t about the money or fame or even having a lot of friends. It’s simply enjoying the little things, like the brightness of the sun, how clear the ocean blue water is, I can see through it, and enjoying the moment I am in; experiencing what life truly has to offer.  The world is so beautiful, and we too often fail to really notice or enjoy it. Have you ever just sat in the sand at the beach and smelled the salt air? Have you truly experienced the simplicity life is offering you? 

Take the time to realize you’re missing out. We only get one life, one shot to truly live a beautiful life. The hard part is that life wasn’t meant to be easy, and it certainly wasn’t created perfectly. That part is up to you, to create something different, bold, unique and beautiful. As I said, life is a game, but this game you can’t win. We all have the same ending, so make your life a good one. Slow down, take a step back and soak in all that you can. You deserve it.

So how can we create this “beautiful” life, you may ask. It’s simple: do what you want to do. Limit your stress, make sure the people you associate with offer something positive worth keeping them around, maintain a positive mindset instead of talking to yourself negatively or about all that has to get done, tell yourself something more uplifting and force yourself to leave your comfort zone. Experience all that you’ve dreamt. Make that your reality. This life is yours. Make it something grand!

My question to you is, how will you live your life?


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