Re-Creating Yourself

Recreate: The action or process of creating something again.

Have you been questioning your path in life? Have you questioned the relationships you have with others; friendships, intimate relationships, even family? Are you questioning things about yourself; who you are, where you’re going in life, where you want to end up? Well, you are not alone.

Lately, in my own life, I have been having all those same thoughts and feelings. It’s as if you’re on a constant roller coaster you can’t seem to get off of. Here is a thought, what if at some point we stop being the passengers of the rollercoaster and become the driver. What if each day we do something little to become in control of our own rollercoasters. It is time to re-create how we live, how we make friends, and how we approach family. What does re-creating mean to you? What is your definition of re-creation? What can you do to better your life? Better yourself?

None of us have to change who we are, but we can always grow and redefine parts of us that could be better. You want to look in the mirror and not judge yourself but look at yourself and be proud and not have to question all the time of who you are. We all have flaws, but it shouldn’t control our lives. I look at life like a game and a fast-paced roller coaster something I am learning to grab control over. Yet, there are days when I myself am still trying to figure out how to become the driver of my roller coaster.

Do yourself a favor and stop being so hard on yourself and take each day as a new day to re-create your life into something new and different. Grab a hold of the roller-coaster and control the path you want to travel on. Allow yourself to be free from all the questions and learn how to know your worth and find the path that is right for you.

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