Test of Life and Friendships

Life has been testing me a lot lately. I have had more downs than ups and I have done my best to keep a positive mindset, talk to my angels for guidance and wake up every day with the hope that today is the day that things will change for the better. How has life been treating you? How have your friendships/relationships been treating you?

My friendships have even changed, disappeared, and even grown. I often question each relationship. How do they benefit my life? Is this becoming a toxic relationship? What does the other person bring to the table? I fear them, love them and even through all of that I go about each day hoping they all contribute something meaningful and I hope I am a positive influence on them as well. Recently, I had someone in my life who I have known through another friend but became close after my heart was broken. We became close friends, checked in with each other to make sure the other was okay, saw each other often and understood the value of friendship. One day, I decided because of where I was mentally I wanted to go M.I.A. for a day which in turn caused this friend to worry (understandably) but due to the actions that progressed while I was on my hiatus, I drifted away from the friendship. I thought in this moment life was telling me that they did their part. Almost like they were there for a “season”. I am still trying to figure that out. I won’t lie, it does hurt that I allowed myself to get close and trust someone else and still get hurt but I guess that’s life right?

Life and I have a strange relationship with one another. I struggle too often, nothing seems to work out and I can’t seem to find my purpose. Like I said life is constantly testing me and those are days I can’t tell if I am passing it or not. Have you ever felt as if life was constantly testing you? Have you ever questioned the purpose of your friendships/relationships? What did you do to change it?

You are in control of your life and who is in it. You control what is benefiting you and what no longer brings you what you need. Find out what makes you happy, not who. The more you focus on what makes you happy rather than who makes you happy the more likely things will begin to fall into place.

Every day is a new day, make it worth it!

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