Dating: While Healing From Heartbreak

Heartbreak is a killer, emotionally. We all react differently from it. We all have different experiences when it comes to being in a relationahip, whether they lasted 6 months or 5 years. Heartbreak is painful regardless. How we respond is unique in its own way. Depending on the reasoning behind the break up, some move on faster than others and that’s okay! Some can move on 2 months later or 6 months to longer, it is all depending on the situation and the individual and to me that’s pretty interesting.

I know for myself, I shared my story a few months back when my most recent ex of 4 years left me. Here I am six months later and I still have my days I sit and cry, or on my way to work I cry and have to pretend I am okay once I get there. I have my days I miss him, think of him and often wish he’d come home. But, I know I need to move on. For myself I know I am not 100% ready for a full blown relationship but starting to question if I am ready to date? Date.. wow. What a concept right? It’s a scary thing for me as of late as I fear love. How could you fear love? You ask? Well, I gave all of myself and more to this one person who continued to find a way to leave me and I still tried. Now, as it as been made clear that we are truly over how could I ever allow myself to love someone so much and strongly again? How do I trust someone with the little piece left of my heart? I struggle with this every day.

As of late, I went on date. Yes, a date. I met him at work. It was a late afternoon date that led into the late evening. (Don’t get any ideas). It was lovely, simply lovely. At first I was scared, anxious and I even cried before my date arrived to pick me up. I was so torn because I was excited nervous since its been a while and also crushed because I was so worried of hurting my ex. Silly right? Well, he arrived and came to my door. YES GIRL! Came to my door to walk me to the car, and I loved it. He even opened my car door every where we went. It was a lovely dinner and lots of laughs and then proceeded to go to another town and walk with our starbucks coffee’s and enjoy getting to know each other. It was so simple yet, very enjoyable.

But, when I arrived home after such a lovely time, I felt strange. Almost panicked? Anxious, confused, and happy. I know it sounds strange. But, like I said we all react differently. I know for myself that I most defintely will take things slow whether it be with this guy or the next person. I still want to allow myself to fully heal from something I still hold dear to my heart.

We all want love in our lives, whether its from friends, family or a life long partner. But, its what we do in our own lives that will then later provide us with the love we desire most. Moving on takes time, we heal at our own pace. Dating can be fun and its okay to go and have fun while you’re healing. Its good to get out and meet new people, some might not be forever in your life but, in that moment its a new experience gained. There is nothing wrong with getting out, taking a break from the pain and just living for yourself.

For anyone currently going through a heartbreak, and wanting to get back out there I say try it. You could either gain a new friend from it, or a life long partner. Whichever, it doesn’t hurt to date!

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